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Bushfire Fundraiser

The Confucius Institute is raising funds for the State Emergency Relief Fund - SA Bushfire Appeal! Come along and buy a Handmade Chinese Knotted Bracelet for $5.

[Read more about Bushfire Fundraiser]

2020 Lunar New Year Street Party

The Confucius Institute will be participating with a stall at the 2020 Lunar New Year Street Party on the 1st of February. Please come by to have your name translated into Chinese calligraphy for FREE! We will also be selling handmade Chinese knotted bracelets, raising funds for the SA Bushfire Appeal.

[Read more about 2020 Lunar New Year Street Party]

SA Master String Quintet

On the 15th of February, we are supporting a music concert raising funds for the SA bushfires. The SA Master String Quintet will bring together a collection of classic movie themes for the audience to enjoy. 

[Read more about SA Master String Quintet]

University Market Day

We will be participating with a stall at the University Market Day on the 4th of March. Come along to hear live traditional Chinese music performances, purchase a handmade Chinese knotted bracelet for the SA Bushfire Appeal, or have your name translated into Chinese calligraphy for free! 

[Read more about University Market Day]

Online Easter Hunt

Please read or listen to this Chinese children’s song and answer the questions to complete the Easter hunt activity. Whoever can answer all three questions correctly wins! Winners will be acknowledged on our Facebook page and contacted with a special certificate. Please remember to submit your answers and your details to WIN.

[Read more about Online Easter Hunt]

Live Online Taichi Lesson

To help celebrate UN Chinese Language Day, which is designed to promote multilingualism and cultural diversity around the globe, the Confucius Institute at the University of Adelaide is holding a live online Taichi lesson via Zoom.

Taichi (太极) is a traditional style of Chinese Kungfu, best known for its many health benefits and contributing to one's overall wellbeing. 

[Read more about Live Online Taichi Lesson]

China Ready Webinar

To celebrate UN Chinese Language day, The Confucius Institute at The University of Adelaide together with ACYA (Australia China Youth Association) will be hosting a live webinar featuring several guest speakers who will discuss the relevant aspects of Chinese language, culture, business and study opportunities as they relate to those with a keen interest in China. There will be an opportunity for questions at the end.

[Read more about China Ready Webinar]

Online Chinese Paper Cutting Workshop

Paper cutting is one of the oldest folk arts in China. The origination of paper cutting is closely linked to Chinese festivals and customs, expressing happiness and wishes for the future.

Join us for an online paper cutting workshop via zoom, as we create the pattern for the Chinese character "囍". You will also learn more about the history behind Chinese paper cutting and this special characters meaning.

[Read more about Online Chinese Paper Cutting Workshop]

Children's Chinese Poetry Sing Along

In this program, children will sing along to Chinese poems with our experienced instructors and live acoustic music. This program aims to assist children to develop a sense of musicality while also learning traditional Chinese poems. The poems are selected from a beginner level to an intermediate level, therefore a basic understanding of Chinese Mandarin is required.

[Read more about Children's Chinese Poetry Sing Along]

2020 Chinese Bridge Competition (Hanyu Qiao) Regional Final

The Chinese Bridge (Hanyu Qiao) Chinese Proficiency Competition is an annual worldwide Chinese Mandarin speaking and performance competition.

[Read more about 2020 Chinese Bridge Competition (Hanyu Qiao) Regional Final]

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