Chinese Language Learning

There are several ways in which you can learn the Chinese language.

We are an authorised Chinese Test Centre for the Chinese Proficiency Test.

Language courses

Learn more about award and non-award Chinese language courses.

  • Chinese for professionals

    The University of Adelaide's Professional and Continuing Education (PCE) offers a range of non-award Chinese language courses catering for the beginner to the more advanced learner. The Confucius Institute works closely with PCE to make available opportunities for Chinese language study in Adelaide.

    Courses at PCE are open to everyone, and formal qualifications are not required. Classes are held in the evenings on PCE’s premises. Full year language courses, for different levels of existing language proficiency, commence end of March which offer structured progression developing the different macro skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) while learning the language. Intensive courses in select languages, for beginner-level learners, are offered in the summer program at the start of January each year. PCE also offers short introductory language courses which provide learners with select, basic communication skills.

    Reduced ‘early bird’ fees available. For more information on courses and fees please visit the PCE website.

  • Chinese for University students

    The Department of Asian Studies in the School of Social Sciences is the only institution in South Australia offering a full sequence of Chinese language courses. If you are a student at the University of Adelaide you can study Chinese:

    • As a major or minor within the Bachelor of Arts or as a minor within the Bachelor of  Media, Bachelor of  International Studies, Bachelor of  Environmental Policy and Management and Bachelor of Development Studies, undergraduate programs in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. This includes double programs such as   Bachelor of Arts / Economics, Bachelor of Media / Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of International Studies / Bachelor of Arts double degrees
    • As a diploma of languages in conjunction with any other course at the University of Adelaide
    • As an elective subject within other programs - check with your faculty for details

    If you are studying at Flinders University or UniSA you may take Chinese at Adelaide as a cross-institutional student if you gain appropriate authorisation from your own faculty. Having gained this approval you need only approach the Faculty of Arts at the University of Adelaide to process your enrolment. 

    If you are studying Chinese and would like to enter into a Chinese speaking proficiency competition with the opportunity to travel to China to represent Australia, please contact us.

Language learning opportunities

We offer a range of initiatives and opportunities to promote the learning of Chinese language and culture.

  • School students

    The Confucius Institute is working closely with schools across South Australia to provide opportunities for students to learn about Chinese language and culture, including:

    Hanyu Qiao Chinese Proficiency Competition provides an opportunity for students learning Chinese to demonstrate their Chinese proficiency, have a fun and rewarding experience, to meet other students interested in Chinese, and to motivate them to continue pursuing their language studies.

    The winner of the competition will be invited to compete in the international finals in China!

    In 2017 the competition will be held in Perth, WA. More information will be provided later in 2017.

    • Chinese Star Writing Competition is an opportunity for students to submit some of their written work into a competition for the chance to win some great prizes sponsored by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Canberra. More information about this competition will be provided later in 2017.
    • Chinese Awards Night is held annually in late November or early December to celebrate the achievement of student learning of Chinese language throughout the year. Teachers may nominate their outstanding students for awards through the CLTASA.

    For more information on opportunities for students studying Chinese, please contact us.

  • Tailored Chinese

    If you are too busy to attend a structured Chinese class, or just want to learn the basics quickly, the Confucius Institute can tailor a program to suit your needs. We generally work with busy professionals such as CEO’s, Directors, and Politicians. Our experienced teachers are lecturers at the University of Adelaide and can meet at a time and location convenient to your needs. You can learn as fast (or as slowly) as you want.

    If you would like to find out more about how the Confucius Institute can meet your needs

  • Chinese conversation corner

    Chinese Conversation Corner pairs Chinese native speakers with Chinese learners to practise their Mandarin. It is organized by volunteers and supported by the Confucius Institute.

    Chinese Corner will run on both Tuesday and Fridays, from 4-5pm during the semester.

    Tuesday's class will be an opportunity for learners to seek help for their own studies. Friday's class will be be on a prearranged topic prepared by us. 

    All levels, ages and both students and non students are welcome to attend.

    Please note this class is temporarily being run online via the Zoom platform, therefore registration is essential. To be added to the class please contact us.