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11/09/2020 Friday Roundup

Humble Administrator's Garden Suzhou

Welcome to another Friday Roundup. We hope you have all been enjoying the warmer weather this past week. 

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28/08/2020 Friday Roundup

West Lake Hangzhou

Welcome to the last Friday Roundup of winter 2020. The year is flying by and I'm sure we will all greatly appreciate the warmer weather to come and opportunity to get outside.

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21/08/2020 Friday Roundup

chongqing china

Welcome to another Friday Roundup. Thank you to everyone who joined us last Friday night for the Cultural Quiz Night. We had a great turnout with people even joining us from cities across Australia and overseas. It was great to see everyone's engagement in learning the different phrases from other languages and answering the quiz questions. 

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14/08/2020 Friday Roundup

Daming Lake Steps, Jinan

Happy Friday! Tonight we will be hosting an online Cultural Quiz Night together with ACYA to test participants knowledge of traditional Indigenous culture, modern Australian culture and Chinese culture. We will have 3 prizes up for grabs and would love to see you there. Further information can be found below. To register follow the link here.

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