11/09/2020 Friday Roundup

Humble Administrator's Garden Suzhou

Welcome to another Friday Roundup. We hope you have all been enjoying the warmer weather this past week. 

Today's Chinese Conversation Corner looks at popular sports in China and the changing attitudes towards health and fitness. Join us online today at 4pm to learn more.

In a couple weeks we will be hosting on online dumpling making workshop international students both in Australia and abroad. We are beginning to receive a lot of workshop bookings and would like to remind you that we are available to come out and visit schools or community groups for cultural workshops at your request. 

This week's image was taken by Ruby at the Humble Administrator's Garden 拙政园 in Suzhou. If you have your own images of China to share with us don't forget to send them in!


What's New

Chinese Conversation Corner
Tuesday and Friday, 4:00-5:00pm (ACST) via Zoom

Tuesday lesson: Team up with a language partner and get personalised help
Friday lesson: Cultural topic to learn new vocabulary 

Friday September 11 - Popular Sports in China 中国人运动方式
Friday September 18 - Chinese Slang 汉语俗语表达

For more information about the program click here. To register email us.

Missed a week? All the worksheets from the previous topics will now be available online. Click here to view them.  



Ongoing Programs

Nihao 你好 Mate 

We are currently editing our next episode to be released shortly! To view our other episodes click here.

Children's Activities

We have 17 worksheets available on different language and cultural topics. To see the full range of worksheet activities click here.

Chinese Poetry Sing Along Program
June 4 - September 24

Enrolments will remain open for the duration of the program. For further information click here

Chinese Cultural Workshop Video
To view our cultural workshop videos click here.

Private Tuition
To find out more email us. 

Our full list of online programs can be found here 


Chengyu of the week

Chengyu 成语 are a type of Chinese idiom which mostly consist of four characters. They were widely used in classical Chinese and are still commonly used today.

Direct Translation: full - experience - seas - mulberry fields; change from seas into mulberry fields and from mulberry fields into seas
Meaning: to have lived through many changes in life

Click here to learn more about this chengyu and how to use it.


Covid-19 Updates

Chinese Speaking Community

For those seeking Information on COVID-19 and the changing rules and regulation in simplified or traditional Chinese, please follow the links below:

Simplified Chinese 简体中文
Traditional Chinese 繁體中文


The University is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation, and our response is being shaped by the latest advice from Australian health and foreign affairs authorities. For further information visit the University's designated page here.


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