19/06/2020 Friday Roundup

Hunan China

From next week our University will begin slowly transitioning staff back on campus. We look forward to being able to greet you all over the coming months as campus life slowly gets back to a new normal. 

This past week our free online HSK preparation classes kicked off. Although this is only a 4 week course, we hope to provide test takers with a sold understanding of the exam and tips for passing. We are also looking at how we can further expand this program in the second half of the year. 

The annual Chinese Bridge (Hanyu Qiao) Chinese Proficiency Competition is going ahead in an adapted online format. Although participants wont get the chance to compete in China this year, we hope this online format will give those who may have been too shy to compete on stage a chance. We look forward to seeing the wide range of talent out there this year!

We have 3 new online activities for your children to have a go at over the weekend. Also our new episode of ’Nihao 你好 Mate‘ will be released very very shortly too. Subscribe to our channel to be the first the watch it. 

This week's beautiful image was taken by Emile in Hunan, China. Don't forget to email your images to us. 

Upcoming Events

2020 Chinese Bridge Competition - Regional Final

July 17

The Chinese Bridge (Hanyu Qiao) Chinese Proficiency Competition is an annual worldwide Chinese Mandarin speaking and performance competition.

This year, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the 2020 Chinese Bridge Regional Final for Australian University Students from ACT, NT, SA and WA will be conducted online. Winners will have the opportunity to represent Australia in the first-ever Online Global Finals held later in the year, competing to win a scholarship to study in China.

Register by July 3rd. For more information click here


What's New
Children's Activities

Our team have been busy! We now have THREE new worksheets on offer

Chinese Characters
Dragon Boat Festival (Perfect to learn about the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival)

To view the full range of children's worksheets click here


Ongoing Programs

Chinese Poetry Sing Along Program
June 4 - September 24

Enrolments will remain open for the duration of the program. For further information click here

Private Tuition
To find out more email us. 

Our full list of online programs can be found here 


Chengyu 成语 of the week

Chengyu are a type of Chinese idiom which mostly consist of four characters. They were widely used in classical Chinese and are still commonly used today.

心旷神怡 xīn kuànɡ shén yí
Direct Translation: 
heart free (from worries) spirit happy 
Meaning: to be carefree and joyous


Covid-19 Updates

The University is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation, and our response is being shaped by the latest advice from Australian health and foreign affairs authorities. For further information visit the University's designated page here.

Visit our website or stay up to date by following us on Facebook and Instagram!


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