12/06/2020 Friday Roundup


Winter has truely felt here with the frosty mornings of late, we hope you are keeping warm. Our Children's Poetry Sing-Along Program is now in full swing and we are excited to announce enrolments will remain open for the duration of the course. If your child would like to join at any time just send us an email.

Registrations have now closed for our HSK preparation classes which begin next week. We received an overwhelming response, particularly from our intermediate learners. We will continue to look for further ways to assist your mandarin language study if you missed out or are unable to attend the courses currently on offer.

We are also busy preparing our online celebrations for the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival at the end of June. Details for our activities related to this will be released shortly. 

A new episode of Nihao Mate will be released next week too. Do you often feel like you're 'playing music for a cow'? No idea what this means? Find out next week!

This Friday's image was taken by Judith in the Guilin, along the Guangxi River. Don't forget to email us in your images. 

Happening Now
Chinese Poetry Sing Along Program

June 4 - September 24

Enrolments will remain open for the duration of the program. If you are still interested to join please email us! 

For further information click here


Ongoing Programs

Nihao 你好 Mate
To view the latest episode click here

Children's Activities
To view the fulll range of children's worksheets click here

Private Tuition
To find out more email us. 

Our full list of online programs can be found here 


Chengyu 成语 of the week

Chengyu are a type of Chinese idiom which mostly consist of four characters. They were widely used in classical Chinese and are still commonly used today.

五湖四海 wǔ hú sì hǎi
Direct Translation:  five lakes four seas
Meaning: (from) all corners of the world; (from) all over the world


Covid-19 Updates

The University is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation, and our response is being shaped by the latest advice from Australian health and foreign affairs authorities. For further information visit the University's designated page here.

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