New HSK Chinese proficiency testing standards announced

Great Wall in Autumn

Fortnightly Roundup

Welcome back to our fortnightly roundup, after what has actually been 3 weeks. Last week the university had a closure period, so we were unable to bring you our roundup at the scheduled time. 

Prior to the break on April 15, in preparation for UN Chinese Language Day, we held a webinar featuring Leonie McKeon, China-Educated Strategist, together with Dr Gerry Groot, Senior Lecturer in Chinese Studies, discussing how to make a career out of language and culture studies. Around fifty participants joined in, with the Q&A running overtime as participants asked questions ranging from tips and tricks to learning mandarin, to the effects of AI on the necessity for a second language. If you missed the webinar, you can view it online here

You may also be aware the HSK Chinese Proficiency Test has undergone reform. From July 1st, the grading system will change from 6 levels to 9 levels, divided into 3 segments; beginner, intermediate and advanced. For more information on the changes, and the new criteria of each level, click here. At this stage, the current tests have not yet changed in accordance with the new levels, but as soon as the new tests are available, we will announce it on our website and in our newsletter. We expect the tests to not change until late this year or early next. 

Image by Hanson Lu. 


Chinese Conversation Corner 
Wednesday's, Napier 209, 4-5 pm and Friday's, Hughes 323,  4-5 pm

Wednesday's lesson will be an opportunity for language learners to seek personalised help with their language study. 
Friday's class topic will be announced the week prior to our Facebook and Instagram pages and is a great way to extend your knowledge. Today's topic is about the interesting ways to use “吃“ and next weeks will relate to Mother's Day. 


Cantonese Opera Multicultural Concert 2021
June 19, 11:00 am & 3:00 pm, Norwood Concert Hall

The Confucius Institute is proud to sponsor this fantastic free event featuring Cantonese Opera, Beijing Opera, Kung Fu, Taichi, Multicultural Dance, and other live musical performances. Further information in the flyer below. 


Covid-19 Updates

Chinese Speaking Community

For those seeking Information on COVID-19 and the changing rules and regulation in simplified or traditional Chinese, please follow the links below:

Simplified Chinese 简体中文
Traditional Chinese 繁體中文


The University is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation, and our response is being shaped by the latest advice from Australian health and foreign affairs authorities. For further information visit the University's designated page here.

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