01/05/2020 Friday Roundup

Rainy street Beijing

This past week winter has truly felt like it's on the way. The only upside being it makes staying indoors that little bit easier. We successfully held our online Taichi lesson yesterday and from the feedback received we hope to make it a regular activity. If you missed out, be sure to join next time. From this week, we'll also begin including a weekly chengyu 成语 or Chinese idiom at the end of our newsletter as a fun way to give you an insight into Chinese language and culture. 

Upcoming Events
UN Chinese Language Day

China Ready Webinar

May 7th 4:00pm

Together with ACYA we will be hosting a live webinar. The webinar will feature several guest speakers discussing the relevant aspects of Chinese language, culture, business and study opportunities for those with a keen interest in China. For further information and to register click here.

New this week

Paper Cutting (剪纸) Demonstration Video

We have just released our second cultural workshop video. Learn how to 剪纸 and create your own beautifully paper cut designs. Click here to download the patterns or click here to watch the video.

Children's Activities

We are continually adding more activities and worksheets for children to complete at home as a way to learn about Chinese language and culture. All activities can be found here.

Available activities include:

CNY Crossword
Make your own dragon
Chinese Number Maze
My Family


Nihao 你好 Mate YouTube Series
To view our most recent episode on youtube click here

Chinese Conversation Corner
Tuesdays & Fridays 4:00-5:00 pm
For further information click here. To register please email us.

HSK Preparation Classes
For further information and class timetables click here. To register click here

Private Tuition
To find out more email us. 

Chengyu 成语 of the week

Chengyu are a type of Chinese idiom, most of which consist of four characters. They were widely used in classical Chinese and are still commonly used today.

​同舟共济 tóng zhōu gòng jì 
Direct translation: same boat together help
Meaning: To cross a river in the same boat or to pull together in times of trouble

Covid-19 Updates

The University is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation, and our response is being shaped by the latest advice from Australian health and foreign affairs authorities. For further information visit the University's designated page here.

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