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OzAsia Festival Begins + New Nihao Mate Episode

gulangyu, china

Welcome to our Fortnightly Roundup. It's finally that time of year again with OzAsia Festival launching this Thursday, October 21... 

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OzAsia Festival arrives this month

Xiamen China

Welcome to our fortnightly roundup and welcome also to a new month. A signature event for the year, the OzAsia Festival, begins in just a matter of weeks. We will be participating in workshops on Sunday 24 October during the Moon Lantern Trail, an extended 4-day version of the previous 1 night Moon Lantern Parade. You can read more about this under Community Events inside...

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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival + New workshops announced

chinese lantern

The Mid-Autumn Festival is held on September 21 this year. To celebrate, yesterday we hosted a special Chinese Conversation Corner where participants learned how to make Mooncakes. We have also been supporting various university celebrations for the festival with traditional Chinese music performances...

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Plenty of exciting things coming up at CI

The Great Wall in Autumn

Welcome to this week's Fortnightly Roundup. Over the next month, we have many exciting things for you to look forward to such as new language and culture youtube episodes, a special Chinese Conversation Corner learning how to make mooncakes, and school holiday workshops teaching Taichi and Chinese Painting... 

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