'Senses of Nature' SAIMAF + SALA Group Exhibition Opening Ceremony

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The Confucius Institute at The University of Adelaide is proud to support this event.

Fully mobilise the audience's senses to explore and perceive the beauty of nature by the artists and their artworks

Co-organised by Multicultural Arts Centre Australia (MACA), YIBEN Media (YIBEN) and Moon Design Group (MDG), the SAIMAF Festival 2021 will be held with four theme events from August to December this year. Everyone is free to participate in the four events: The Enchanter Journey youth art competition, the Amazing SA photography competition, the Senses of Nature SAIMAF + SALA group exhibition and the end of the year Music Planet concert.

SAIMAF will hold the "Senses of Nature" SAIMAF-SALA exhibition at the Zi Gallery, 52 Goodwood Road, Wayville, on the 28th and 29th of August. We invite you to the opening ceremony at 10 am, 28th of August as our distinguished VIP guests.

Aristotle once said: "In all things of nature, there is something of the marvellous." Nature is like a human society. Each part of the fauna and flora is like a human being, performing its duties and having its unique life mission in different environments.

This exhibition encourages artists to fully mobilise the audience's senses, experience and perceive nature's beauty. The mysterious and unpredictable nature has every detail waiting for us to explore. The changes in seasons, light and shadow, colours, and the law of life always tell the charm of nature. Artworks in this exhibition express nature in multiple forms and themes like natural landscape and environmental protection by various generations.

We are glad to announce that there will be a donation by revenue from part of the artwork sales to The Blind Sports Foundation, a proud SA-registered charity since 1996. The foundation dedicates to helping blind and visual impaired men, women, and children participate in sports and recreation activities in SA.

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