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Test Grades & Score Reports

Test Grades

YCT Levels Vocabulary
YCT Level 1 80
YCT Level 2 150
YCT Level 3 300
YCT Level 4 600

YCT- Level 1

Examinees who passed YCT-Level 1 can understand and use some most frequently used Chinese words and sentences, and prepare themselves for continuing their Chinese studies;

YCT - Level 2

Examinees who passed YCT-Level 2 can understand and use some simple Chinese words and sentences to communicate;

YCT-Level 3

Examinees who passed YCT-Level 3 can use Chinese in a simple and direct way, applying it in a basic topic in their daily lives;

YCT-Level 4

Examinees who passed YCT-Level 4 can use Chinese to serve their demands in their personal lives and studies, and are able to complete most of the communicative tasks they experience during their China tour.

Test Report

All the exam paper will be sent to YCT Test Centre in China within two days after the test is taken.

A result of the test can be checked on the Chinese Testing website Link to external website within three weeks. Certificates will be sent to The Confucius Institute at the University of Adelaide soon after.

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