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Confucius Institute Resource Library

The Confucius Institute Resource Library consists of a collection of around 3000 volumes held at the Confucius Institute at the University of Adelaide.

The collection consists of a variety of textbooks, teaching materials and other resources about Chinese culture, history and language. It is probably the best collection of Chinese language teaching materials in South Australia.

These resources are available to South Australian Chinese language teachers to borrow for limited periods.

How do I use the Confucius Institute Resource Library?

The Confucius Institute Resource Library is housed in the Confucius Institute at the University of Adelaide.

Teachers can either come to the Confucius Institute to borrow resources or we are happy to post them out upon request.

Up to 5 books can be borrowed at once, for a period of 4 weeks. All borrowers are asked to pay a $50 deposit to cover replacement costs in case any books are not returned. Please use the registration form. This deposit will allow you continued access to the Confucius Institute Resource Library.

A catalogue of all resources is available below. Teachers are also welcome to come to the Confucius Institute to browse the resources.

Requests can be submitted by sending an email to The Confucius Institute Resource Library pays for the delivery of the borrowed material. At the end of the loaning period / due date, you are expected to return the books to the Confucius Institute, either in person or by post.

Visiting the Library
Visitors are welcome to make an appointment to visit the Confucius Institute Library by contacting:

Cllr. Priscilla Corbell | Program Coordinator: Education & Culture
8313 1014 or by emailing


Newly Arrived in 2015


Hanyu Qiao (Chinese Bridge Competition)





Other Chinese Teaching Resources

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Resources for years 8 to 12 Link to external website from the South Australian Chinese Professional Learning Website Link to external website

Information and resources about China Link to external website for students from the BBC

Library Resources

Multimedia - Music and Drama
Multimedia for teaching
Hanyu qiao
Literature - Chinese
Literature - Chinese and English
Literature - English
Reference books - Chinese
Reference books - Chinese and English
Textbooks - Business
Textbooks - Charecters
Textbooks - Adult level
Textbooks - Primary level
Textbooks - Secondary level
Textbooks - Grammar
Textbook - Listening
Textbooks - living
Textbooks - reading
Textbooks - speaking

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