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Awards announced for Chinese Star Writing Competition 2016!

Awarded annually from 2011 onwards, Chinese Star Writing Competition has received strong support from Chinese language students. In 2016, the Confucius Institute at the University of Adelaide, supported by the Education Office of Embassy of China and the Confucius Institute Headquarters in Beijing, is facilitating the Chinese Star Writing Competition (Theme for 2016 is China and I). This competition provides a good opportunity for Chinese language learners to demonstrate their Chinese writing abilities.

  • High School

First Prize:

Carmen Gerritsen Dupree  (Tenison Woods College)

Selina Tran (Marryatville High School)

Second Prize:

Caitlin Wilson (St Hilda's Anglican School for Girls)

Billy Snell (St Paul's College)

Scott Bradbrook (Christian Brothers College)

Hung LE (Adelaide High School)

William Mcclay (Darwin High School)

Third Prize:

Lachlew Washusen (Marryatville High School)

Celene Leadbetter (Tenison Woods College)

Ariane Pearce (Walford Anglican School for Girls)

Ethan Bodey (St Paul's College)

Daniel Gage-Brown (Pembroke School)

Leon Ha (Christian Brothers College)

Andrew Norinh (Trinity College Senior)

Joseph Aquilina (Christian Brothers College)

Riley King (Christian Brothers College)

Naithan Middleton (Westminster School)

  • Middle School

First Prize:

Tyson Lorenz (St Paul's College)

Celena Nguyen (St Aloysiu College)

Second Prize:

Rebecca Shaw (St Aloysius College)

Nadia Metzger (Tenison Woods College)

Jordan Lavista (St Paul's College)

Maggie Finnigan (Tenison Woods College)

Vidisha Sharma (Westminster School)

Third Prize:

Harry Abbott (St Paul's College)

Le Kim (St Aloysius College)

Luke Rainey (St Paul's College)

Sheryn Tan (St Aloysius College)

Pippi Bergin (Westminster School)

Vicki Hutchinson (St Aloysius College)

Lara Kellermann-Clarke (St Aloysius College)

Jameson Ellis-Steinborner (St Paul's College)

Tracy Tu (St Aloysius College)

Keely Fausch (Southern Montessori Middle School)

  • Primary School

First Prize:

Yebon Lim (St George College)

Jacinta Chronowski-Wong (St Ignatius College)

Second Prize:

Guy Dello-lacovo (Rose Park Primary School)

Evin Theodorakakos (St George College)

Kate Staruchowicz (St Ignatius College)

Justin Aarts (St Martins Lutheran College)

Lara Scanlon (St Matins Lutheran College)

Third Prize:

Leila Guerin (Norwood Primary School)

Matthew Aarts (St Martins Lutheran College)

Steven Gallos (St George College)

David Cooper (Magill Primary School)

Ella Hildebrandt (Highgate Primary School)

Thomas Psarombas (St George College)

Harry Liakos (St George College)

Alexander Mallios (St George College)

John Angelis (St George College)

George Edmund-Bartley (Chinese for Families)

  • Outstanding Supervising Teacher:
Sun Kim (High School)
Ivan Yen (Middle School)
Mengjiao Gao (Primary School)

The prizes and certificates will be delivered to schools soon. Please contact Siyi Lu ( if you have any other question.

Thanks for all your participation and really look forward to you next year!

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